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Data Product Management Consulting Service

Niograph data product management services provide you with the expert guidance you need to effectively manage data within your business. Our data product management services target the collection, organization, storage, and sharing of data, to provide you with seamless data flow through the product lifecyle. 

Leverage all available data to utilize and deliver improved products within your organization and to clients. With data product management, you can provide all stakeholders with secure access to data that is up-to-date and accurate. We implement tools such as AI and machine learning algorithms to optimize data product management for scalable solutions.  


How Data is Used in Data Product Management


Data offers significant benefits in product development, and with data product management, you can maximize the potential offered by data. Top ways that data is utilized in data product management are: 

      • Data-based metrics for prioritization of features and tracking of success 
      • Conversion of large data sets of requirements into actionable items 
      • Increase product adoption rates with data-backed development 
      • Easier market analysis with vast inputs and sources 
      • Cohesive profiling of consumers and user personas 
      • Conduct A/B testing 
      • Establish KPIs and OKRs 
      • Data-backed decision making and objective arguments 
      • Identify further scope for improvement based on usage tracking 

Why Data Product Management Services?

For sustainable and scalable products, a strong foundation of data is integral. With data product management, burden is reduced from individual contributors, errors are minimized, loss is prevented, and efficiencies are improved. Centralization of data sets and insights improves accessibility and reduces silos between teams. Dedicated data product management can supplement your existing systems for product management, improving speed of delivery, operational efficiency, and long-term results of any product.  



//Niograph Data Consulting Services helps your Organization to Extract Value from your Data.