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//Data Consulting

Data Management Consulting Service

Niograph helps companies in the assessment of their existing data management maturity, providing you with optimization and implementation of data management and governance framework, as well as documentation of data lineage. We provide specialized consulting and training services, built upon our ready-to-use practical data management methodology.  

Utilize Niograph services to leverage data to improve decision making and overall business performance. By maximizing data resources, you can gain better results for a flourishing business. 


Advantages of Data Management Services

  • Improved Performance 
  • Greater Profitability 
  • Time-saving 
  • Identification of key action areas 
  • Lower operational risks 
  • Structured system for process optimization 
  • Reduced errors 
  • Support for effective decision making  

What We Do

Data management is an on-going process, and accordingly, we believe in empowering your company to perform in-house data management. Our training and consultancy services aim at creating a fully operational data management system that your staff can maintain in the long-term.  


Our focus is

Providing an approach customized for your business

For sustainable results,
we provide you with a custom strategy for data management based on your needs and resources

Step-by-step methodology

Our data management methodology is ready-to-use with easy-to-understand steps and templates for effective implementation and improved results.

Visible results

With our
data management services,
you gain visible results for
your key objectives, and measurability
for further improvement.

Our Solution approach is:  

To develop a suitable approach for maximum results we begin by understanding your company. 

Why do you need data management? What are your specific data management needs and available resources?  How can we implement suitable systems? 


Niograph Services

Data Management Maturity Assessment

Our experts carefully measure and assess your current data management maturity, and potential areas for improvement and optimization.

Data Consulting

Niograph consultants guide and assist you in implementing suitable data management systems for your company, with your preferred level of assistance.

Workshops and Coaching

In our workshops and coaching, we impart knowledge and skills on the step-by-step implementation of data management systems and their maintenance.



//Niograph Data Consulting Services helps your Organization to Extract Value from your Data.