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About NioViz

Based on the open-source Business Intelligence tool Apache Superset, NioViz offers greater scalability, with the capability to process massive data volumes, including at the petabyte scale. Apache Superset provides data visualization and data exploration, collecting and processing data, transforming it into easily understandable visual components in the form of dashboards, graphs, and charts. 

NioViz by Niograph supplements Apache Superset potential with additional components and simple installation scripts that can be deployed at the required scale.  


NioViz Technology Architecture and Engineering

Niograph implements a step-by-step methodology to bring your business reliable results that are scalable. Out services are adapted based on your existing data infrastructure, specifically for data sources, data integration, data warehousing, and data analytics. NioViz uses scripts for installation of suitable components such as Redis service, MySQL, and Kubernetes that support scalable versions of Apache Supersets. 

Data Source

If you already have MySQL compatible database available for your data sources, NioViz can be implemented directly. If not, Niograph can aid in setting up suitable data sources, using Kafka and Druid.

Data Analytics

Niograph data analytics with NioViz enables you to leverage all your data to make better business decisions that generate improved ROI. Custom dashboards, graphics, and analytics are created that simplify data understand for enhanced applications.

Data Integration

Through data integration, all data sources are compiled for maximum benefits, preventing loss of any valuable data. The various data sources are integrated seamlessly with the use of cutting-edge processes, for complete utilization.

Data Warehouse

Data warehouses are built, modernized, or optimized, depending upon your existing data warehousing structure. With modernized data warehouses, you get improved application, scalability, and connectivity, that supports growth and data democratization.


NioViz Service Model and Costing

NioViz is available for free, at no additional charge, with costs involved for professional services only for the implementation and management, as well as training. Service options include: 

On-Premise location-based installation

NioViz software will be deployed on the organizations own servers. and protected by its internal firewall. This enables an organization to fully manage and have complete control over NioViz integrations with other systems. On-Prem is useful for Organizations in highly regulated industries, where security is paramount.

Off-Premise Cloud-based installation

Cloud computing is hosted entirely remotely on another server by a third-party, such as AWS. Cloud-based servers can scale with depending on the needs of the organization, and can provide cost benefits. Niograph has partnership with several Cloud Service minimal to deploy NioViz BI Tool.

Managed Data Analytics as a Service

Niograph will provide end-to-end professional expertise to deliver Data Analytics & Intelligence Services to the organization. NioViz will be deployed on Cloud, and will offer data storage, processing and analytics services.

//NioViz, is an Open-Source Modern Data Exploration and Data Visualization Product. It is Enterprise-Ready and can replace or augment Proprietary BI tools.