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// Enterprise Data Governance

Enabling Data Needs of the Enterprise, with Data Quality & Security

Enterprise data governance manages the access, usability, and integrity of data in enterprise systems, ensuring that data is consistent, trustworthy, and reaps maximum benefits.
At Niograph, we implement enterprise data governance that brings value to your business through effective data management. Our experts utilize top-rated standards & frameworks, including DAMA to meet your company’s needs and capacities.

Our Services

Data Management Maturity Assessment – What is the current status of your data management?
Consulting – How can you meet your expectations and priorities from data management?


Why Consider Niograph
for Enterprise Data Governance Services


Optimization of your data management and enterprise data governance begins with a thorough assessment and analysis of current status and maturity. What is your current setup? Is it meeting your current and future goals? Is it scalable? Our assessment process is meticulous and conducted by our specialists. Based on the assessment and your priorities, we recommend suitable actions that can optimize your data management. Time frames, expected results, and resources required are all identified. The process comprises: a) Assessing the current maturity of the data management in your company b) Understanding the business drivers motivating the implementation of data management c) Assessing gaps between the current and ideal situations with a gap analysis d) Developing a suitable strategy and plan of action to achieve desired goals.


If you are already in the process of improving your data management, consulting can help you streamline and gain better results. Niograph specialists are available to guide you on any stage of your data management improvement journey. We can help in assessment, strategizing, and execution of tasks. Data management consulting services are customized to suit your requirements. Based on your preferences, you can define the scope of services required, degree of involvement, and available budget. With our expert resources, you can boost your capabilities without spending on expanding internal resources. Interested in Enterprise Data Governance? Want to improve your data management? Contact us today.

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