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Niograph Unify all your data, analytics and AI on Databricks Lakehouse Platform

The Databricks Lakehouse Platform unifies your data warehousing and AI uses cases on a single platform. It combines the best elements of data lakes and data warehouses to deliver the reliability, strong governance and performance of data warehouses with the openness, flexibility and machine learning support of data lakes. Streamline your data ingestion and management with automated and reliable ETL, open and secure data sharing, and lightning-fast performance, Delta Lake transforms your data lake into the destination for all your structured, semi-structured and unstructured data.

Niograph as a partner,  helps you to implement and scale data engineering, collaborative data science, full-lifecycle machine learning and business analytics initiatives using databricks.


Why Databricks? - Benefits


The unified approach simplifies your data architecture by eliminating the data silos that traditionally separate analytics, BI, data science and machine learning. With a lakehouse, you can eliminate the complexity and expense that make it hard to achieve the full potential of your analytics and AI initiatives

Serverless Compute

Serverless compute is a fully managed service where Databricks provisions and manages the compute layer on behalf of the customer in the Databricks cloud account instead of the customer account. As of the current release, serverless compute is supported for use with Databricks SQL.

Accelerate ML across the entire lifecycle

The lakehouse forms the foundation of Databricks Machine Learning — a data-native and collaborative solution for the full machine learning lifecycle, from featurization to production. Combined with high-quality, highly performant data pipelines, lakehouse accelerates machine learning and team productivity.


Delta Lake forms the open foundation of the lakehouse by providing reliability and performance directly on data in the data lake. You’re able to avoid proprietary walled gardens, easily share data and build your modern data stack with unrestricted access to the ecosystem of open source data projects


The Databricks Lakehouse Platform offers you a consistent management, security and governance experience across all clouds.

Derive new insights from the most complete data

With ready access to the freshest and most complete data and the power of Databricks SQL — up to 12x better price/performance than traditional cloud data warehouses — data analysts and scientists can now quickly derive new insights.

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How does Niograph do this?

Adopting  data lakehouse with databricks, we simplifies your modern data stack by eliminating the data silos that traditionally separate and complicate data engineering, analytics, BI, data science and machine learning. Databricks is built on open source and open standards to maximize flexibility. And, the platform’s common approach to data management, security and governance helps you operate more efficiently and innovate faster across all analytics use cases.

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After Using Niograph Professional survices together with Databricks you are entitle to Avail Dual Customer Support Benifit.


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