About Us

About us

Niograph is an Application development, Technology services and IT-consulting company with expertise in cutting-edge technologies. We build solutions for our clients by leveraging latest technologies. We are coders, engineers, consultants and technology experts united by a common theme - Passion for Technology!

We love to work on complex problems! It is how we've accomplished amazing things, and it is how we help our customers and partners achieve success! We are now a strong team of 15+ members working from different geographical locations.

How it started?

It all started back in May 2014 - when we were a small group of technology enthusiasts who started working on a project which was mere a hobby project. It took us fews months to develop the solution. The customer appreciated the work and the dedication put in. The solution was scalable, fast, handled thousands of users and required minimal support.

After achieving initial recognition and good feedback from customer, we thought to take a step ahead and form the company. We started working on the vision, mission and to define the Company strategy. Soon the foundations of Niograph were laid.

In 2015, we approached to a few angel investors who engaged funds! We formed the company with the name of Niograph Technology Consulting LLP with its registered office in Indore, Madhya Pradesh - India. Niograph became a registered company in Feb- 2016!

Niograph Values

Passion, commitment, team work and knowledge are core values of Niograph. We believe in delivering quality solutions - in a timely, efficient and cost effective manner. It is this attitude that makes our customer happy and we get opportunity to serve them again and again.


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